Our retouching powers

At Egghead Studio we care a lot about our retouching, always learning new tricks and upgrading our process, but following the golden rule – retouch photo should stay natural. Throughout the years we’ve figured out ways to keep retouching in control while maintaining the highest level of details and following the needs of the client.

On this page, we would like to share some examples.

1. Photography and retouching job for the famous fusion restaurant Napa at Bund 22, Shanghai. This restaurant is our returning client and we are in love with their food. Every single time Chef Francisco Araya creates something absolutely exquisite, creative and totally worth the Bund pricetag.

Food photographer Shanghai. Top-down veal steak photoFood photographer Shanghai. Top-down veal steak photo
Food photographer Shanghai. Abalone photoFood photographer Shanghai. Abalone photo

2.  Photography, compositing and retouching job for HLW Architects, whose client, international medical solutions conglomerate Medtronic, was just about to move into their new headquarters. The multi-floor office was designed with open spaces, conference rooms and multiple dining / recreational areas in mind, using expensive contemporary materials, wood panels, flowers, and good taste. We used meticulous and time-consuming flash exposure fusion technique to underline the feeling of the space, using as much natural light as possible.

Architecture interior photographer Shanghai. Office canteen interior.Interior photographer Shanghai. Interior retouch flash exposure fusion
Architecture interior photographer Shanghai. Office lobby interior.Interior photographer Shanghai. Interior office lobby photo

3. Photography and retouching jobs for fashion magazines and brands. Retouching of human skin is one of the most difficult tasks – you need to keep all the necessary details, scale-able for any resolution while reducing the flaws and highlighting the benefits. We are using industry-grade frequency separation techniques to create perfect results.

girl skin closeup without retouchretouching closeup girl skin

4. Photography, compositing retouching job for Absolut Vodka required us to make a King of the Hill kind of structure with a bottle of vodka on top and lemons as a foundation. Egghead Studio in collaboration with technical retoucher Nikolay Razuev created a believable composition which leaves a fresh citrusy taste in your mouth.

absolut vodka bottle on top of lemon mountain

And those are just a few examples! Get in touch to see what's possible.